Pad Printing Machines for almost every Pad Printing application –

Whether your application requires a simple single colour manual machine, or a five colour fully automated photographic print quality machine – Techspan have a machine to suit your application. Techspan standard Pad Printers all feature Sealed Ink Cup technology. The Sealed Ink Cup helps to keep your ink more stable, as it is sealed from the environment. Techspan Pad Printers are manufactured by Comec, high quality European design and manufacture.


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Pad Printing in Theory & Practice

Brochure Pad Printer model MM01
Brochure Pad Printer model KP05
Brochure Pad Printer model KP06
Brochure Pad Printer model KP08
Brochure Pad Printer model KE06
Brochure Pad Printer model KP04 & KP07
Brochure Pad Printer model XE-TECH 16 20

Brochure Exposure Units
Brochure Flame Treatment Device
Brochure Flame Unit (Special)

Brochure Infrared Oven
Brochure Superwasher

Printing Pad Catalogue

The above pdf brochures cover only some of the available machine models. For more details or a quotation, please contact us here.

Techspan also supply a full range of Pad Printing Accessories

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