Elma Ultrasonic Cleaner Accessories

NEW Elma Accessories – coming soon

Only the right accessories and equipment will ensure perfect cleaning results. From cleaning baskets to inserts and holders – See the new accessories for your Elmasonic ultrasonic cleaning device.

Elma Basket
An ingeniously simple solution.

When designing the new Elma Basket, we thought two steps ahead. These baskets, which we manufacture in-house, feature a punched pattern on the base and side walls. In conjunction with a set of different pins, these holes allow the objects inside to be positioned as required. For unlimited flexibility. Each item can be individually secured – whether bulky industrial parts, laboratory glassware, small watch components or items of jewellery. The number of objects that can be cleaned in the basket is thus maximised and optimal cleaning results are ensured thanks to perfect placement, which also saves water, cleaning chemicals, energy as well as time and money.

Elma Pins
When you purchase the Elma Basket, you can also order the Elma Pin Starter Set and the holders as optional accessories. These products are recommended if you want to customise your cleaning process.

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