5 Industries - 1 Solution

tie-bar-lessInnovative and cost-efficient injection moulding technology as a turnkey package from a single source: this is the key to ENGEL’s success. The buzzwords are system solution. But industry-targeted system solutions are new. Combined with service and support from the ENGEL group, this guarantees 100 percent customer orientation, around the globe, and round the clock.

“ENGEL – Your single-source supplier” describes what has been ENGEL’s philosophy for many years. Besides classical machine construction, this applies in particular to fully-automated cells, including mould making and technology – clearly targeted to fulfil the needs of every single customer.

Reflecting the current market trends to guarantee even closer gearing to customer-specific solutions, ENGEL introduced industry-specific organizational structures. A clear focus on the five most important customer industries, automotive, packaging, medical, teletronics, and technical moulding, gives ENGEL the ability to gear our activities more closely to the needs of our customers.

Contacts with experience and competency in the industries in question, and a proactive strategy based on expert knowledge of industry-dependent requirements, help ENGEL to develop reliable industry-specific system solutions, and respond even more quickly to customer requirements.

ENGEL Full Program – Specifications


The ENGEL brand denotes the world’s largest manufacturer of injection moulding machines and, at the same time, one of the world’s leading plastics processing machine manufacturers.  Today, the ENGEL Group offers its customers a single-source for a full range of plastics processing technology modules for: injection moulding machines for thermoplastics and elastomers as far as automation, with the assurance that individual components are competitive and successful in world markets.

With eight production plants in Europe, North America and Asia (China, Korea), subsidiaries and representatives for more than 85 countries, ENGEL offers its customers the comprehensive, global support they need to compete and succeed with new technologies, and leading-edge production systems.

Other branches, including locations in Turkey, Russia, and Mexico among others, were strengthened by the addition of more staff in the 2012/2013 financial year, while the number of employees in Austria was also increased. ENGEL currently has a global workforce of more than 4300 employees.

Since it was founded in 1945, ENGEL has been 100 percent family-owned and independent of external investors. This has guaranteed stability and a long-term perspective for customers, partners, and employees. With Dr Peter Neumann as CEO and Dr Stefan Engleder as CTO, there are two family members in the management team with operative responsibility. This is now the fourth generation of the family that owns the company to be involved in its running, which is excellent for coupling tradition with innovation.