Filtroil Oil Filtration Systems

Here are several reasons why Filtroil would be a profitable addition for companies requiring hydraulic filtration:

  • Maintains oil quality 2 to 5 grades cleaner than new oil
  • Reduces machine hydraulic repairs 25% to 35%
  • Reduces waste oil disposal volume 40% to 75%
  • Reduces lubrication and hydraulic oil purchase 30% to 65%
  • Ultra fine filtration (0.1 micron) with water removal capability
  • Provides significant economic payback
  • Environmental benefits

We also have a complete product offering of pressure/in-line filters. These filters are competitively priced and are guaranteed to meet or exceed the quality and reliability of any original manufacturer. As I am sure you are aware, the combination of pressure and by-pass filtration both protect and prevent contamination, which is the primary cause of oil deterioration and wear to expensive hydraulic components. The combination of in-line pressure filtration and off-line by-pass filtration will both protect and prevent contamination from wearing on expensive components in hydraulic, gear or engine oil systems.


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Filtroil BU Filtration Units