Innovative Recycling for Schools & Education

Education of recycling in plastics can only improve our understanding of the high importance we should place on recycling in industry.

Techspan have a range of equipment that can be used to recycle plastics. This is possible with the use of our granulator or schredder – for granulating used plastics, a heat press – to for plastic sheets from the granulated plastics eg. milk bottles . |

The process uses the following equipment:

The R25 Schredder: is an industrial quality plastic granulator. Suitable materials for recycling include PP, HIPS, ABS and LDPE. Materials to be granulated are loaded into the hopper at the top of the machine. A combination of static and rotating blades gradually chops the material into smaller and smaller pieces. Once the material reaches a small enough size it passes out through a mesh filter and into a collection bin.
The cutting blades are powered by a three phase motor fitted with a phase inverter, allowing operation from a normal 230V electrical supply. A three-phase version of the R25 (R25HH) is also available. When not in use, a lockable cover can be fitted over the inlet chute, ensuring that no unwanted debris enters the machine.

Photo: the R25 Schredder plastic granulator

The R30 Sheet Press:
Converts granulated thermoplastic material into a usable form using heat and pressure. As standard, the formed article is a flat plastic sheet, which can typically be used for vacuum forming, laser cutting, line bending etc.

Photo: the R30 Sheet Heat Press 

The concept:  This innovative plastic recycling system is suitable for plastic materials (including PP, HIPS, LDPE) – these are initially granulated, and then re-pressed with heat and pressure to create new sheet materials, which can then be further processed to produce completed items.

Vacuum Forming:
A vacuum former can be used to create plastic ‘formings’ from the recycled sheets described above.
The model 1210 or the model 725FLB are popular choices with this recycling system.

Photo: Vacuum Former model 1210

Plastic Sheet Line Heating (for bending): 
A Line Heater is used for assisting the bending of plastic sheets. An array of products can be produced such as – brochure stands, menu holders, flyer displays etc.

Photo: Line Heater model 1000S

VIDEO – Innovative Plastics Recycling