Ultrasonic Welding Application feasibility

For assembly of complex plastic moulded parts, ultrasonic welding equipment can easily be applied to join the parts by welding. Read more

Wide Band Plastic Sheet Line Heater

The wide band line heaters from Techspan will allow the heating and forming of plastic sheets.
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Techspan support BCITO Apprentice Awards 2018

Techspan have supported the NZ Flooring School, and the associated BCITO Flooring Apprentice Awards for a number of years.
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Sealers for Bags & Films

Do you have a requirement for sealing or closing plastic bags or films?
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Engel inject magazine – digital copy

Engel produce the inject magazine – read the magazine online
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ENGEL at TaipeiPlas 2018

Compact manufacturing cells, precise processing and intelligent control units: ENGEL AUSTRIA, the injection moulding machine manufacturer and system solution provider, is set to pull out the efficiency stops with a medical application for TaipeiPlas 2018, which takes place in Taipei, Taiwan, from August 15th to 19th 2018.
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Techspan Supports Epilepsy New Zealand

Techspan sponsor Fashion Fest 2018
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ENGEL duo – Large Injection Moulding Machinery

ENGEL injection moulding large machines
You need a flexible production cell with minimum space requirements:
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Need to weld waterproofing membranes TPO or PVC ?

If you’re a roofer, or need to weld a waterproof membrane, then we have got some great news for you.
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WINTEC by Engel

Sound Enclosures for Ultrasonic Cleaners

Do you have a problem with noise from your ultrasonic cleaner?

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ENGEL at Chinaplas 2018

Techspan New Zealand reports: ENGEL at Chinaplas 2018 –
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