Need to produce Face Masks ? Medical PPE Gowns ?

Ultrasonics is the preferred method for producing Sealded Edges and Secure Barrier Seams –
Ultrasonic assembly technologies require no thread or other consumables. Instead, high-frequency waves can produce sealed edges and secure barrier seams that meet regulatory requirements. Medical face masks and Medical gowns PPE can be produced with strong, reliable bonds without stitch holes, glue gaps, fraying or unraveling.

Ultrasonics is Fast & Engergy efficient:

In addition to the greater speed and lower cost advantages of using our ultrasonic machinery, manufacturers appreciate their easy operation and one-step seaming, cutting and trimming.  These vibratory waves produce strong bonds in nonwoven materials, woven synthetic fabrics, and blends containing up to 40% natural fibers.  Ultrasonic Sewing machines provide assembly solutions wherever sewn seams are not adequate to satisfy end-use requirements. This is especially important when regulatory requirements require strong, sealed, hermetic leak-proof seams and edges—like those stipulated for medical supplies, body armor, and most filtration products.


The application range for ultrasonic welding is vast. It includes –

  • Face masks & shoe covers
  • Surgical & hospital gowns
  • Pillow & mattress covers
  • Sterilization & storage pouches for medical instruments
  • Lint-free wound dressings
  • Pleated, HVAC & HEPA filters
  • Air, liquid and gas cartridges & filters for autos & planes
  • Airplane acoustic & insulation panels
  • Heavy-duty filter bags for food, chemical & pharma uses
  • Oil containment booms & spill clean-up cloths
  • Outdoor furniture covers
  • Body armor & hazmat gear


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