Pad Printing – Wine Screw Cap printer

Pad printing offers unbeatable flexibility for the decoration of irregular surfaces and small objects

Pad Printing is an excellent addition to silk-screen printing or other any other printing systems and also offers a valid alternative for large print areas – work such as satellite dishes, balls, mineral oil drums, gas bottles, etc. Even digital printing, which is now present in many industrial sectors from posters to t-shirts and CDs where some claim it will be the only printing system in the future, will never be a substitute for pad printing when it comes to complex materials and surfaces,

Pad Printing Inks:
Techspan supply a range of inks and colours for use on a large range of substrates. Including – paper, silicone, metal, glass and, as mentioned previously, even food products, with incredible precision.

Pad Printing Machinery:
The current range of pad printing machines extends from low cost, manual bench machines for samples – to computerised, servo-assisted work centres, and large machines with UV drying systems for high-quality industrial and technological applications.

VIDEO: Pad Printer for Caps

In this video, see a ‘pad printing cell’ designed specifically for the printing of SCREW CAPS for Wine bottles

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