Techspan supports Jump Start charity – CanTeeners & FYD Youth

Now in its ninth year, “Jump Start – the experience of being alive” is about to give 50 youth from CanTeen and the Foundation for Youth Development (FYD), an experience they will never forget.

Jump Start – the experience of being alive – is a unique event that every year challenges 50 courageous teenagers (25 from CanTeen & 25 from FYD) , to live in the moment. Jumping from a perfectly good aircraft is considered by most to be the actions of fools. Putting oneself at risk. In fact it is our fears, that if left unchallenged, can often prevent us from becoming the best we can be. Embracing our fears can help us to see things in a different light.. to put a new perspective on things.. life.

I think the sensation of losing ones mind to fear, can actually help face it. Putting yourself into such a situation can help you to handle the fear. It also gives a heightend sensitivity, an appreciation of how fragile life can be. It brings a kind of ‘afterglow’.. it helps you appreciate and be more aware of what it means to be a living, feeling, conscious being, says Tim Fastnedge.

Usually this event is run in cooperation with the defence force, who provide a C-130 Hercules aircraft as ‘jump-ship’ to the event.

The support from the defence force, and in particular the RNZAF, has been simply incredible. The Hercules is an active military aircraft, and in New Zealand civilians have only ever had the privilege of jumping from a C-130 during the Jump Start event. Otherwise it is usually only utilized by the NZ SAS…. and we make sure the kids are well aware of this fact says Tim.

However in 2015, we were unable to utilize the Hercules as it was deployed to active duty as a result of Cyclone Pam. It was the most intense tropical cyclone in the southern hemisphere in 2015 and regarded as one of the worst natural disasters in the history of Vanuatu. Of course there is always the chance of some kind of natural disaster occuring that can see our defence forces having to turn to saving lives. Everyone understands these events can happen, and often with little warning.

So we have managed to re-located the event in order to make it a reality in 2015 by utilizing a commercial skydiving operator at Parakai, Auckland. This at least allows us to give the kids the experience. After all, when you leave the aircraft it is exactly the same experience.

Jump Start takes place this coming Saturday 24th October 2015, at Skydive Auckland, located at Parakai, North West of Auckland.

Techspan Group are proud to support this unique charity event. To make this event a reality, event costs need to be covered and this year Techspan stepped up in order to allow this event to proceed without a hitch.

Tim Fastnedge, Jump Start event director and Marketing Director of Techspan Group, has been jumping out of aircraft for over 20 years now.  His skydiving career sees him with 3 National Skydiving titles, and having become hugely involved in the sport. He is also a past President of the New Zealand Parachute Federation 2002 – 2007. In 2007 Tim was honored by the World Air Sports Federation (FAI), for his services to New Zealand Airsports, and awarded the Paul Tissandier Diploma.

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