LVW –  linear vibration welders by KLN Ultrashcall AG

The application range of the LVW series covers smaller applications with machines of approx. 500 mm width and large applications up to a width of 2000 mm, like pallets, instrument panels and bumpers.

Standard machines are equipped with an hydraulic lifting table. Depending on the machine size a contact force of up to 70 kN can be applied. This is necessary for large suction pipes made of PA 6.6 GV30 with heavy distortion or very large welding surfaces. Since many years all our vibration welders are fitted with our patented CPC system. This kind of regulation which is integrated in the converter stimulates the vibration unit with optimal resonance frequency. Thus, a low energy consumption is guaranteed during the friction phase.

It is not necessary to enter the frequency parameter in the machine, as it is permanently “optimized”. Thus, the KLN drive systems are independent from the tool weight. The tool weight is solely limited in height, caused by the mechanical design and the high accelerating powers arising in these systems.

The integrated frequency regulation and a specially developed hardware allow also for extremely quick start of vibration and active braking at the end of the vibration process.

The quick start of vibration reduces lint formation and the active braking causes an improved weld seam strength in some materials.

With this innovation obviously KLN has hit the mark in the field of vibration welding. The new system results from more than 40 years experience in welding plastic components, particularly friction welding: vibration, ultrasonic and spin welding.

Our vibration products are being continuously further developed. So in the last few years we developed a servo-motor drive system, which makes possible lifting table speeds of > 0,5 m/s at maximum positioning speed.

Today in some machines the servo-motor drives are standard. On demand we can integrate this system in any of our machines.



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